Limp Bizkit are baaaaack and ready to go! The rhyme-slinging rockers have just unleashed their new single 'Ready to Go,' featuring rapper Lil Wayne.

The scorching track features blistering guitar work from Wes Borland, as frontman Fred Durst delivers hip-hop verses laced with boastful lines like "Back is the motherf----ing rock god / I'm so poker-faced, ladies going gaga / That's right it's Freddie D / The public enemy / You know the one who had Britney dropping to her knees," alluding to his alleged affair with pop star Britney Spears.

Midway through the tune, Lil Wayne drops a couple of random verses that include a shout-out to Bizkit with the line, 'Red hat to the back like Fred Durst.'

Limp Bizkit signed to the hip-hop label Cash Money Records last year and are currently working on a new album. They've also announced a number of 2013 tour dates, kicking off with a U.S. jaunt on April 25 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. See their current itinerary here.

Listen to Limp Bizkit's 'Ready to Go' Featuring Lil Wayne:

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