It wouldn’t be a Star Wars movie without a few bizarre looking space creatures to remind us all that humans aren’t the only people running around in this faraway galaxy. And as we journey to a new planet, Ahch-to (bless you) in The Last Jedi, we’re sure to meet at least one mysterious beastie lumbering around the planet’s surface. Today brings an image — an artist’s rendering, not a photo from the actual movie — of one of these new creatures Rey and Luke might meet during their journey.

If you’d rather any information like this be kept a surprise, best not to scroll any further. But for those of you who do want to see what we’re up for in the next film, check out this rendering of a “sea creature” from Star Wars News Net:

To put its size in perspective, based on the two pieces, body and head, we estimate it to be around nine feet tall (around 3 meters), and rounded/wide enough to fit a couple of full sized crafty human puppeteers inside if needed! Now there is no way to determine whether or not the puppet will be size-scaled differently in post-production, but the puppet itself is that large. We can not confirm whether this new creature will have any kind of significant role, or just be a nice addition of environmental filler and depth. We all remember the giant pig-like happabore from The Force Awakens, a pretty large scale physical creation that appeared briefly to drink out of a trough and provide some quick comic relief by knocking Finn aside.

If you don’t believe that description, there’s a video from the set that shows that this thing really is that big:

While the Star Wars saga has an abundance of human characters, the movies always put in a few alien creatures to remind us that we’re not in Kansas anymore. There’s no telling what the purpose of this guy is in the movie, if it’s a friendly Jedi temple guard or a monster that Rey and Luke will have to fight it a la Empire’s Wampa.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters December 15.

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