Back in January, when we launched the all-new KLUB Tejano 106.9, we also launched our VIP lounge as well.  Our very first show featured a high-energy show featuring Los Chamacos.  At that show, Roel Joslin announced that the Chamacos were dropping a new single very soon.  Before we get to the new single, let's relive the finale at our very first VIP show featuring Los Chamacos.

The new single from Los Chamacos, 'Chamacos Medley' is a medley of three classic Tejano songs. Roel Joslin recently chatted with Tejano Nation's, Romeo about the new single and video. “We were just here in the studio messing around and this is what we came out with,” he said. “It wasn’t something that was planned and that’s the way most things are usually. We don’t plan it, we may have some ideas individually but we come in and put it together as a band and we go from there.” Don't forget to catch Tejano Nation NIghts with Romeo weeknights from 7-midnight, exclusively on Klub Tejano 106.9

Chamacos Medley 1 is absolute fire and eatures the songs “Te Equivocaste,” “Déjame Partir,” and “Que Bonito Es El Amor” in pure Chamacos style. Some of my favorite Chamacos songs from back in the day are medleys or popurri's.  Here is the music video for Chamacos Medley 1.  The video was filmed in San Antonio, directed by Ryan Bazan, and produced by Nzone Studios. Check it out.

A shout out the Chato, Ruben, Gilbert, Hugo, T-Rex, and Roel for keeping the 'Chamacos' vibes coming and also for one hell of a performance in our VIP lounge back in January.  Up next in our VIP Lounge is Sunny Sauceda on Thursday, May 19.

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