Last week, Lucky Joe posted a video in a joking tone. He wasn't expecting what was about to happen.  The video he posted was a visual tour of a tour bus. He jokingly said  that if 25,000 of his more than 40,000 followers each donated $1, he could buy the tour bus that he had shown his viewers earlier that day.   What has transpired since has been absolutely incredible.

Lucky Joe has received hate about this from friends, peers, and others in the industry.  In a recent interview on KLUB Tejano 106.9, he addressed the hate saying that those comments are 'irrelevant' and that love always wins. He was right! The outpouring of support includes some big names such as Tejano legend, David Lee Garza, Houston rap legend, Paul Wall and comedian Raymond Orta. These names along with thousands of fans supported and donated to Lucky's cause.

As of today (4/8/24), Lucky announced on a Facebook live that his goal has been reached. According the latest post, the total amount raised is just shy of $26 thousand dollars, $25,097.77 to be exact. This is almost a full THOUSAND dollars over the goal, and people continue to give! This is a wonderful example of love always defeating hate! What a wonderful ending to the story for a wonderful person, Lucky Joe. Suerte!

Lucky Joe had trouble holding it together in a Facebook live. Be sure you like and follow Lucky on social media platforms. What a beautiful story!!!!


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