Finding a good parking spot on most city streets can sometimes be a real bear. Finding one in a city like New York, next to impossible. So when you do actually find one, you want to keep it for a while. Well, how about 11 years! That's what a man who sells books on Manhattan's upper west side has managed to do, with very few exceptions.According to a published report in the NY Post, 60 year old Charles Mysak parked his '94 Honda Civic at the corner of Columbus Avenue & 68th Street in 2000, and his car is still parked there. He says it costs him $36 a day in quarters to keep the spot, but it's worth it, since he makes roughly $100 a day more than that selling used books from a folding table near the intersection.

The former attorney moves the car temporarily each day to allow for street sweepers, than its back to the spot. Mysak said he's been ticketed to the tune of  $470, but when asked by authorities about it, he simply shrugs it off. He has actually had his car towed twice before by the city, but somehow he always manages to get the same spot back.

That's gotta be some kind of record in that city. Guinness Book people, are you listening?

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