We've all seen those scoreboard proposals at sporting events, right? Well, this one was unlike any you'll ever see.

While popping the question to his girlfriend during the Red Sox-Yankees game at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday, a man lost the ring, sending everyone in the seats near them on the hunt to find the bauble.

And you think baseball players were the only ones who'd do anything to get a ring.

As it turns out, the jewel popped out when he opened the box and landed in the cuff of her pants, but for all they knew it could've been anywhere in their section.

The poor guy is Andrew Fox and his fiancee is Heather. Since the story has happy ending, they were more than willing to share what happened.

One thing is for sure: no one will ever have a better engagement story than these two lovebirds.

Here's how the scene unfolded through a variety of outlets broadcasting the game.

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