To paraphrase a wise hitman, they have the same kind of stuff in Singapore that they have over here. There are, however, little differences. For example, in Singapore you can walk into a 7-Eleven and buy a serving of mashed potatoes — from a vending machine.

It’s called the Maggi Mashed Potato Vending Machine and apparently it’s quite popular in the island nation. Check out powdered mash and gravy being dispensed Slurpee-style below.

As of now, 7-Eleven has no plans to bring the magical machine to the United States. Before you get all high and mighty about how you would never eat mashed potatoes from a vending machine anyway, consider the sad old hot dogs that you see behind plastic display cases in most American 7-Eleven locations. Somebody eats those.

In fact, we are all just a certain number of beers away from eating anything 7-Eleven puts in our face. We might as well get a side of vending machine mashed potatoes.

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