McDonald's is certainly a staple of American fast food but, the chain is attempting to up their burger game a bit with a new 'Archburger' in a few test markets, one of which is in Plano, Texas.

Responding to the growing popularity of other burger chains, the Archburger promises to be fresh beef, not frozen like their other burgers. The chain announced back in March that starting this year, the Quarter Pounder would also be made with fresh beef, and the Archburger will be tested in at least two test markets, Tulsa, Oklahoma and Plano.

According to a published report, a regular Archburger will feature cheese, pickles, onions and a special sauce for $2.19. Another version adds lettuce & tomato for $2.69, and bacon for $2.89.

My only question is, when can we get one here?

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