What in the world are they smoking in China?

New at McDonald's in China is the McSpamwhich. That's right, it's two slices of thickly cut mystery spam topped with creamy mayo and lots of crushed oreo cookie crumbles. At the time of the publication, we are unable to confirm if these are real Oreo crumbles or knock-off Chocolate sandwich cookie crumbles. I mean, if they use fake meat so they may also be using fake cookies.

While ya couldn't offer enough money to actually try this sandwich they must feel differently in China because this concoction had to actually make it off the "test menu" and into stores meaning enough people actually enjoyed this creation.

KLTV.com reports various blog sites in China are showing there are actually those who really like this thing. One person on the Sina Weibo microblogCHINAservice said, "I thought it was delicious. Is that because I love McDonald's too deeply or is something wrong with my taste?"

Oh, there may be something wrong alright. Now isn't a side effect of the global pandemic a loss of taste and smell? I think THAT would be about the only way I could eat one of these. Is that why this sandwich is doing so well in China? Do those infected with covid think it tastes good when it actually does not?

The folks at Hormel Food LLC. are supplying McDonald's in China with the spam and it looks like Mondelez Internation is providing Oreo (possible knockoff) for the topping.  The sandwich is said to be a limited item with plans to sell about half a million of them as part of a 'Members Only' promotion.

Another comment on Sina Weibo said, "When you hate someone but have to invite him to dinner, you can ask him to eat the Oreo lunchmeat burger."

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