You never like to hear of a company downsizing.  And that rings true with important research hospitals such as The University of Texas' MD Anderson in Houston.

MD Anderson has become one of the most important research hospitals in the world as far as cancer research is concerned and the announcement of layoffs can only mean a couple of things.

Let's face it...cancer is an extremely profitable business.  Treatments are often expensive and long term which means revenue.  However, MD Anderson is citing a drop in patients as part of the reasoning to cut jobs.  It takes money to do research and without as many patients there's not as much revenue coming in.

So what does that mean?  Are cancer cases on the decline?  Kind of.  Although terminal cases of cancer are reportedly on the decline that isn't the entire reason.  First off, as much as it might upset some people, Obamacare has really hurt MD Anderson.  With the implementation of new insurance requirements, many big name insurance companies simply will not approve of some treatments offered at MD Anderson...Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Texas being one of them.   How do I know?  Because I am a cancer survivor.  I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2014.  I thought long and hard about receiving treatment at MD Anderson but my insurance saw things differently.  As long as there was adequate cancer treatment available in my town (Victoria) they would not pay for many treatments at MD Anderson.  So, I received treatment at the DeTar Infusion Center.  Did it work?  Of course it did, I'm writing this blog aren't I?  I'm not knocking DeTar, not in the least...they saved my life after all, I'm just saying it costs to get the very best healthcare in the world and some insurance companies aren't willing to pay those costs.

Another reason is that they simply overcharge for a lot of things.  I mean all hospitals do right?  $30 for a Tylenol?  Come on.  But, as I said, with new insurance requirements comes price increases which is felt all the way down the line.

No word yet on just how many layoffs are coming but in my opinion it's too many.  Cancer research is something we as humans cannot afford to cut corners on.  And every role at MD Anderson is an important one.  We'll know more in the coming weeks.

Update:  As I was finishing this blog, MD Anderson announced 900 people will be losing their jobs.  900!  That's insanely obsurd.

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