Tommy Lee may not sit home everyday googling his own name, but the veteran Motley Crue drummer certainly found the recent Esquire review of his band's new biopic, The Dirt, which was released on Netflix last week. Since writer Madison Vain's review spoke somewhat lowly of the movie, the musician took issue with the author's point of view.

"If you'll let me, I'd like to save you 100 minutes of your time," the reviewer began in the critical movie write-up published Saturday. "When you think about watching The Dirt, the new Motley Crue biopic on Netflix, don't."

From there, Vain lists the film's tales of apparent misogyny and unchecked hedonism as reasons to avoid watching what she called "the bedtime story version of Motley Crue’s reign." Lee took to Twitter to respond.

In the above tweet, Lee called Vain's The Dirt review "laughable," adding, "Jeff and the cast killed it, it was our lives, we would know. Besides what are you like 30 something? Little girl you don't even know about this life."

Some Twitter users echoed the musician's opinion in the comments of Esquire's Twitter post. "What a terrible review, I agree," one wrote; "You must be too young to realize what happened back then," said another.

Although, with his loaded admonishment of "little girl," Lee probably isn't helping any further accusations of being "demeaning towards women," as Vain says the band's portrayal in the The Dirt proffered.

In the movie, Lee is portrayed by rapper and artist Machine Gun Kelly (real name Colson Baker), who underwent a stunning transformation to look the part alongside fellow actors Douglas Booth (Nikki Sixx), Iwan Rheon (Mick Mars) and Daniel Webber (Vince Neil). The "Jeff" that Lee mentioned in his tweet is The Dirt's director, Jeff Tremaine.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that a crew member from the film's production was suing both Netflix and the band for damages related to extreme burns and injuries he experienced after being shocked by a power line during filming.

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