KCENTV.com has shared a photo of Nascar's Ryan Newman smiling with his daughters as he continues to recover in the hospital after Monday's crash at Daytona. I'm still amazed that he is not seriously injured.


The site of the crash was rather unsettling when you consider it happened so near to the anniversary of the crash the killed Dale Earnhardt Sr. 19 years ago. Not only is it a great site to see that Ryan Newman escaped serious injury, but the smile on his daughter's faces as well as his own, lets fans know that the worst seems to be over. Thanks to the Roush Fenway Racing team for sharing the photo so we all can know he is recovering.

In a statement on Wednesday, Roush Fenway said that Newman was alert and walking around Halifax Medical Center joking with the staff and his daughters as he made the rounds.

Roush Fenway said Wednesday that Newman is "fully alert and walking around Halifax Medical Center. True to his jovial nature, he has also been joking around with staff, friends, and family while spending time playing with his two daughters."

Newsman's cared raced towards the checkered flag near the end of the race when his car was sent airborne before it was hit by another car and crashed down on its roof. For several hours Monday evening, Newman's condition was not known. It's a small miracle that he was not seriously injured.

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