I am already enraged. You can take my guns, take my rights, take whatever you want, but you CANNOT take my shared Netflix account.

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Netflix is cracking down on accounts with shared profiles. This can cause an inconvenient situation for many users who are just trying to relax and watch some movies. Netflix recently made the change, leaving users stuck on a screen waiting for a code just to get into their own account.

There may be some problems for users who share Netflix accounts but do not reside in the same household. According to CNET, some users have reported they could not get past the login screen; a notification message popped up, informing them they needed to be in the same household as the account owner-OUCH. I would be shook.

Now, apparently, there is hope, but there is a catch. In case it's the actual account owner trying to log in from a different location, Netflix gives the option of sending a verification code. So far, the message reportedly appears only on TV devices. Roku and iPhones are excluded-sorry Apple users. But wait a minute, you're telling me I have to get a hold of someone to give me a code just to log in to my own account? What if the person is working or doesn't answer, or their phone is dead(like mine constantly is)? Then what?

I don't want to jump through hoops to watch some TV. I get it, Netflix isn't that expensive, but that's not the point; it's the principle! There is a reason you can have multiple profiles. Different people have different living arrangements and situations; who is Netflix to pick and chose account settings and those arrangments.

I guess no Netflix, that's what. Well, Netflix, you picked with the wrong state. This won't be the last you hear of us Texans and this garbage policy. We are a no-nonsense state and this right here just ain't right.

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