If you've listened to my show recently you know who New Guy Charlie is. He's our part timer here at the station and works primarily with commercials. He's a nice guy and he's looking for a nice girl to hang out with because let's face it....hanging out with this bunch at the station, while fun, can be a bit exhausting.

So, being the super duper nice colleague that I am, I decided to put Charlie out there for the world to see. So we made him a dating profile on Plenty of Fish. Has he gotten any bites yet? You bet he has.

I've been asked by a few people already "Dave, is this just to embarrass poor Charlie or some poor girl also looking for love?" Absolutely not. I'm legitimately trying to help Charlie spread his wings a little and meet some new girls.

Charlie's profile went live yesterday and you can view it HERE

Ladies, here's your chance to find a genuinely nice guy who's not into playing games (mind games that is, he loves video games) he's employed and college educated. Doesn't smoke or do drugs and rarely drinks. He's probably one of the few nice guys left.

He's a little shy at first but he'll open up. Ladies...don't let this fish go!

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