Reports are out that the hunt is on for developers who are willing to bring the abandoned Six Flags New Orleans back to life. The amusement park was abandoned during Hurricane Katrina struck Louisiana and has not been reopened since.

You can check out the story posted to Twitter by @wdsu below

According to the report from WDSU, which you can check out here, New Orleans officials have put out the call to any developers that have the desire to bring back the abandoned amusement park in New Orleans East.

While prior attempts to bring back the park, formerly known as "Jazzland", have failed, the city is giving another go at bringing back this park in some form or fashion.

The deadline for developers to submit ideas for how they would bring the park back is February 9, 2021.

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Exploring the Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans

closed for storm six flags new orleans
Google Maps Street View

Six Flags New Orleans is a favorite of urban explorers after its 2005 abandonment. In the 15+ years.

Editor's Note: The site is not open to the public and is patrolled by the New Orleans Police Department who will arrest trespassers.

As recent at 2020 the old entrance sign to the park displays the message 'Closed for Storm"

These thrill-seekers visited during the 2020 pandemic. Their video shows that despite the ravage of time, the heat and humidity of New Orleans and graffiti vandals, there is still plenty of infrastructure to the park, including rides they can still hop in.

Just how serious is security at the site? The Google Maps Street View Car met this guard when attempting to map a road paralleling Interstate 510 that provided access to the park.

back entrance security six flags new orleans
Google Maps Street View

The popular Exploring With Josh YouTube series visited in 2015.


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