I know we have a lot of Target fans out there so this one is for you Target nation.  It appears that the new shopping cart style has emerged in is already being used in Texas. The new basket features two cup holders, a bigger space for a child, and a super smooth ride.  Target Nation's reaction is mixed about the new design on the Instagram feed and some of the comments are hilarious.  . Thanks to Instagram user: targetfanatic, we get a first look at these carts that were spotted at a Katy Target. Be sure you check out some of the comments below. I also reached out to Target in Victoria and they say these baskets will eventually make it down to Victoria in the future.

 Here are a couple of comments from the Instagram feed.
happilyeverheywood writes: I think what we all really need from Target is a cart that holds two children in the front. Not that terrible boat cart that you have to use if you have multiple children!
shcermann74 writes Good Lord it’s pretty sad when people make a video about a shopping cart
pigsuey21 writes Walmart could NEVER
michelewisevilla writes: I’m probably not going to be the popular majority here but gosh so many comments about not having phone storage for your kids. Whatever happened to interacting with your children instead of them having a device in front of them ( sigh ) I wouldn’t want my phone in some possibly germy phone holder regardless
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