You see it everywhere, on busy city streets, in neighborhood subdivisions, in vacant lots. It's litter, and when I see it, I wonder how can people be so lazy and inconsiderate to just throw their garbage out of their cars and not care? It ruins it for everybody, and that's the motivation for an anti-litter campaign in the city of Victoria.

The city's Department of Environmental Services began "Take Pride in Victoria" month, designed to get residents to take responsibility for their own trash. The idea is to teach people about their own responsibilities in dealing with trash.

Department Director Darryl Lesak says surprisingly, most trash doesn't come from drivers throwing it out of cars, but from people coming out of stores and dropping it in parking lots. Lesak added that another problem is dumpster lids that aren't fully secured and trash blows out of them.

I live on a corner lot in my neighborhood and I am constantly picking up bits of trash that somehow always ends up on my lawn or on the curb in front of my house. I think people throw it out of their car windows when they stop at the stop sign.

Come on Victoria, think of others before you throw that piece of trash out of your car window. We're better than that!

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