Imagine that, someone makes a joke on the internet and people start thinking it's a fact. Well, allow us to clear something up. In case there was any doubt, you can not use Tito's Vodka as a hand sanitizer to fight off cold and flu germs.

We have already talked on our site about price gouging reports on Amazon, and we have even gone down the DIY road to actually make safe to use sanitizer at home. See the buttons below for more info.

    Two days ago people started to suggest that Tito's Vodka was a suitable sanitizer.

Folks, Tito's is for drinking! I feel like the kids who used to yell at the silly rabbit saying "Tricks are for kids". If you want to kill off those pesky cold and flu germs the right way you will want to reach for that bar of soap and wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. Wash them after shaking hands, coughing or sneezing, blowing your nose, after you visit a public place, and especially if you have a sick coworker nearby at the office. Pouring Tito's all over your hands will only convince your coworkers you have a different kind of problem.

Still confused? Check out these guidelines from the CDC: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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