Is beer going to the dogs? I guess you could say that it is, thanks to a Houston brewery that creates specialty brews designed exclusivery for Fido.

Now, before you get upset thinking that giving your pet something with alcohol in it isn't a good idea, rest assured that Good Boy Dog Beer has no alcohol, and it's loaded with ingredients that are healthy for pooches.

Good Boy Dog Beer is called a beer because it's made with some of the same equipment that regular beer is made with, but they skip the fermentation process so there's no alcohol.

Right now, the Good Boy Dog Beer Company sells 3 different dog brews to over 20 Fido-friendly bars and restaurants around Houston.

There are 3 different brews that the company produces to satisfy the most distinguished of toilet bowl drinking palates-there's the pork-based 'IPA Lot In The Yard', the chicken-based 'Mailman Malt Licker', and the vegetable-based 'Session Squirrel'

For more information, visit the company's website here. .

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