It was reported the other day that a number of 25-year-old live oak trees at the Heritage Mark office building in Victoria were poisoned, and the owner of the building is offering a $10,000 reward help aid in the arrest of the culprit.

A news release from the office located at 5606 North Navarro st., said four trees are dead and 3 others also look like they've also been poisoned.

Building groundskeepers say the damage was discovered in early March, and after consulting with experts, determined a chemical in the soil known as Triclopyr, aalso known as Remedy was found. That chemical at levels of only 10 parts per million would be deadly to vegetation, but this was at a level of 2,000 parts per million, 200 times more than the normal application levels. According to a published report, experts also say another herbicide called spike granules were also discovered in the soil.

The building's owner reported the poisoning to police.

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