Ok, so there's been some combination of food that I like.  I didn't think fried pickles (sliced pickles deep friend in batter)  would work, but they're pretty good. Also, I didn't think McDonald's McGriddle, which has syrup infused into the sandwich, would be good, but I was pleasantly surprised. So, when I saw the Instagram post from Mico's Hot Chicken in Houston for their "Hot (Spices) Chicken and Ice Cream Sandwich" at first I was disgusted, but now I'm intrigued.  I love both chicken and ice cream so, why wouldn't they be good together?  Well, there are lot of reactions to Mico's official instagram post that range from unadulterated joy to utter disgust.  As Heath Ledger's Joker said in "The Dark Knight" -Why so serious? It's just a chicken sandwich.  You can try it or not.  Well, some people think it the worst possible thing you could eat. Instagram followers attack the post with comments like "It’s so concerning people in the comments want to eat this," "I just reported this post for assault," "Y’all going to hell for this,"  and "That better be mashed potatoes and not ice cream!"

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Courtesy Mico's Hot Chicken
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Fans of the sandwich had comments like "Whose idea was this? And how much was their raise?! and "I don't eat ice cream that often but this has got to be the best idea and blend of sweet and savory!"  There were also just some fun comments about the sandwich like "Somewhere a pregnant woman had something to do with this."

Check out the video on how it's made in the instagram post.  If you all in favor of the Ice Cream Chicken Sandwich give them a follow - I am!  Even if I don't try the controversial sandwich I'll still follow - the rest of menu looks pretty good.

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