Have you ever been in a car accident and your car was damaged enough that you had to have it towed away? At that point, you're basically at the mercy of the wrecker service when it comes to how much it will cost you. That may change if a proposed Victoria ordinance is passed.

City councilors talked about imposing a flat rate that wrecker companies would charge, which would prevent the companies from adding on extra fees. City Councilors also said that wrecker companies have to be on the scene within a certain amount of time, and they proposed a rotation of which wrecker service companies are called at accidents.

Under the proposal, companies would not be able to charge more than $200 for most tows, not including extra charges of $25 for every quarter-hour they worked an accident scene, and $3 per mile for towing outside of Victoria City limits. Councilors will have to vote on final approval of the measure.

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