A flavor combo we didn't know was possible. In fact, it kinda makes my teeth hurt just thinking about the sweet marshmallow taste with the already sugary power of Pepsi.

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It's already being called the thirst quencher for springtime even though that seems like the wrong kind of tagline for soda. It will only make you more thirsty, but it might be the perfect accessory to match your Easter color scheme.

Pepsi is also introducing a contest to help market the soda and to give some away. They're calling it the #HangingwithmyPEEPS. They want you to use the hashtag on social media when posting about your spring flings and celebrations. If you are selected as a winner, you'll be sent 3 mini 7.5-ounce cans in assorted easter colors according to ABC13Houston.

Perhaps the marshmallow taste of your Pepsi can now pair perfectly with a marshmallow-topped recess peanut butter cup that is also available this easter? In fact let's just go ahead and dive down a rabbit hole of crazy easter candy you may never have tried, available in most stores now in time for your easter basket. Click here for a list from DELISH.com of 46 crazy easter candies you need in your basket.

Now, believe it or not, this is not the first time that Pepsi has added marshmallow to some of its beverages. Some markets saw Apple Pie Pepsi and a Hot Chocolate version of the soft drink over the holiday season. I never saw these available in the stores in Victoria but I can also say I was not looking for them. I try to avoid going down the soda aisle at all when I head to H-E-B. Just a personal choice because I think between the ages of 10 to about 25 I probably drank enough soda for two lifetimes.

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