2020 was so iconic that it got its own hashtag - #2020. Use it in a sentence, a tweet or a meme and everyone knows exactly what you mean.

In fact, 2020 just seemed to outdo itself day after day.

The world was thrown into the grips of a global deadly pandemic that changed the meaning of normal life for everyone, from the ways we work, educate to even entertain ourselves.

The death of George Floyd and others sparked protests worldwide and brought the conversation about racial equality once again to levels that have started to result in changes in the way we speak, act and move forward.

Ferocious natural disasters added fuel to an already complicated situation, like wildfires in Australia and across the U.S. to hurricanes to the wildly powerful Iowa derecho (a word not many of us had even heard until 2020).

But even with the U.S. experiencing an extraordinarily divisive election season, it was clear that in many ways we pivoted and somehow came together, even if that meant at least 6 feet apart, wearing masks, or through a computer screen.

See the photos below that show the year that will be one for the history books.

LOOK: Just some of the photos that capture the historic year that was 2020

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