I love road trips. Getting out on the highway and exploring all that our great country has to offer, exploring out of the way diners and scenery. Needless to say, Texas has plenty to offer for your vacation. In fact, the website WalletHub crunched the numbers comparing states to find the best & Worst States for Summer Road Trips, and while we weren't at the very top of the list, any Texas worth their salt knows we have it all.

According to their research, the Lone Star State is ranked 6th overall, 5th for the number of attractions, 6th for the lowest prices for a 3-star hotel, 10th for average gas prices, 12th for access to scenic byways, 30th for lowest prices for camping, and 6th for driving laws.

As far as a variety of destinations, friendly people, great food, nobody beats Texas, in my opinion. For the full report, click here.

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