Many Queens of the Stone Age fans probably thought it would never happen, but former bassist Nick Oliveri reunited with the band on April 15 after a 10-year absence.

Nick Oliveri was an early member of Queens of the Stone Age, making his debut with the group in 1998. Although Oliveri did not play on QOTSA's self-titled debut album, Oliveri appears in a "phone message" at the end of 'I Was a Teenage Handmodel.' Oliveri manned the bass for two of Queens of the Stone Age's landmark albums, 'Rated R' and 'Songs for the Deaf.'

Oliveri was fired by QOTSA frontman Josh Homme in 2004 after he found out the bassist had been physically abusive with his girlfriend. "A couple years ago, I spoke to Nick about a rumor I heard," Homme told Billboard. "I said, 'If I ever find out that this is true, I can't know you, man.' Because music and my life are the same thing, there's no rules until something massive happens." Oliveri hit another low point in 2012 after the bassist was arrested for suspicion of domestic violence. The musician engaged in a stand off with a SWAT team for two hours before the police gained entry into Oliveri's house, finding a loaded rifle and drugs in the home.

Though Nick Oliveri provided backing vocals on the 2013 '…Like Clockwork' track 'If I Had a Tail,' the relationship between QOTSA and Oliveri has been minimal, which is why fans were surprised to see Oliveri back on stage with his former band on April 15. Oliveri came on stage during QOTSA's encore, providing vocals for 'You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, But I Feel Like a Millionaire.'

Check out the fan-filmed footage of Oliveri's guest appearance with Queens of the Stone Age above!

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