Beer. It's been said that beer is something you never really own, you only rent it. There is some truth to that old joke, as any beer drinker knows. But for what used to be considered more of a favorite of working class people, beer has entered a new realm of class in recent years. Just look at the number craft breweries there are now. According to the website National Today, 69% of Americans drink 2 or more bottles of beer each week. According to their beer survey, 45% of Americans drink beer, and in fact, beer tops the list of most popular bar drinks. Nice!

I do enjoy a cold one myself, especially with certain foods, like pizza or Mexican. Anything spicy, really. As far as which beers I Iike best? Shiner Bock is my go to and I do like other Shiner beers too but, I also really like Shock Top or Blue Moon Belgian White. I also enjoy trying craft beers when going out, and I recently got turned on to Samuel Adams Nitro Coffee Stout, which I really enjoyed. I am also a big coffee drinker so, maybe that's one reason I enjoyed it so much. At any rate, in honor of National Beer Day, here's the complete survey.


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