Why blow all that money in one chunk when you could use it for ten thousand items off the dollar menu? You could make it last a lifetime that way. There are plenty of ways to amaze yourself with bulk buys when you win cash with us.

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I did some quick math and figured out that $10,000 can sure go a long way if you spend it on little things.  Check out the bang you'll get for your buck when you win cash with us starting today.

Quick story first.  My Aunt Susie was not a hoarder, but she did stock up on toilet paper, and when I was growing up my cousins and I would play at her house and run across a stash of it every time hide-and-seek led us under the bed.  There were rows and rows of TP, and as soon as she removed one package she would replace it with another one.  She must have had thousands of dollars worth of 2-ply, and she always said, "Well, it doesn't go bad!"  And on that note...

Ridiculous Items You Can Buy In Bulk With Ten Thousand Dollars

Printer paper - Because now you might be working at home and you realize how much you miss printing unlimited amounts of personal documents on the company printer.  If a box of reams costs $30.99, you can get 322 of them.  And you'll be prepared for more homeschooling too.

Toilet paper - If a package of mega rolls costs $16.99, you'll end up with 588 of them.  Aunt Susie would be proud, and probably a little jealous too.

Face masks - You can get a thousand packages if they cost $10, and then perhaps donate some to a hospital or a school.

Chunky Boots - It's a big fashion trend right now and the cost ranges anywhere from $29 for the ones that will probably give you blisters, to $1100 for the Guccis.  So, you could end up with 10 pairs, or 344, depending on how extravagant or thrifty you're feeling.

Spam - A can will usually cost $2.75, and at that rate, you can get 3,636 of them.  As Aunt Susie said, "It doesn't go bad."

Nintendo Switch - The list price is around $299, and ten thousand dollars would bring in 33 consoles.  If you can find that many, that is.  Or even one.  But if you were lucky enough to hunt one down, you'd have plenty of money left over for games.

Giant Bags of Halloween Candy - The biggest bags of assorted chocolate that I've seen run about $14.99, so that's 667 of them with your winnings. And if Halloween is canceled, well, more for you.

Echo Dots - If you're still working on getting one into every room in the house, this will help you achieve your goals.  Ten thousand dollars will buy 250 smart speakers, and then everyone gets one for Christmas too.

Authentic football jerseys - The thick material costs more than the knock off, and authentic jerseys can cost $149.  You'll get 67 of them with your contest winnings, and that doesn't include the shoulder pads.  Now we know how expensive it must be to dress an entire team for game day.

Ten thousand items off the dollar menu - And even if the dollar menu is really two, three, or five bucks, you'll still score.  It's food for life.  Or at least two thousand days.

The possibilities are endless.

Ten thousand dollars would make an awesome down payment on a car, or help you pay down a big chunk of debt, yes!  But if you decide to hide it in dollar menus and TP, you'll end up with piles of cash in the end because you didn't have to spend your own money on those things.  It's a win-win.

Just hang out for more code words.  Good luck!

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