Roger Waters released a video of his band performing the Pink Floyd song “Two Suns in the Sunset” during their coronavirus lockdown.

It follows their version of “Mother,” which came out last month. Waters revealed the track is part of a full-length record concept he’s come up with.

You can watch the video below.

“I had an idea to make an album of all the songs we did as encores on the Us + Them tour,” he explained in a statement. “We did ‘Mother’ first. Had to do it remotely because of COVID-19. ‘Two Suns in The Sunset’ is number two. Hope you like it. I love it. What a beautiful band they are.”

Turning to the theme of the song, he added, “That we allow nuclear weapons to exist in a world controlled by deranged sociopaths is, in itself, a deranged arrangement. We are many they are few. We could just say no to the whole MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) insanity. It makes zero sense and is potentially omnicidal.”

In 2004, Waters told Uncut magazine that there was “something strange” about the song when he wrote it for 1983's The Final Cut, the last LP he made with Pink Floyd.

“Obviously, it describes a nuclear war – the remnants of all that paranoia about nuclear war from the ‘60s,” he said. “At the end of life, one may have that kind of realization [of what] you could have when you’re alive, and you go, ‘Hold on a minute, maybe this is what I should do.’ ... We’ve gotta try and think every day. Every single day. I’m not talking about being heavy. I’m talking about living your life. Don’t be scared to live it. Don’t be scared to take risks. Particularly, don’t be scared to take the risk of touching people or to be vulnerable.”

Waters recently announced that his Us + Them concert movie, which is available digitally now, will be released in physical formats on Oct. 2.


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