Shaking the lakes, and ruling the pools, as our listeners love to say when they are cracking up the radio. Poolside, or by the beach, accessories are fun when you find the right ones. These Texas beach towels are sure to show off that state pride and keep you looking great up and down the coast.

If you have a car full of kids heading to the beach, the one thing you can't have enough of is beach towels. I mean, once that sand gets in the back seat it seems to stay there for life. Maybe some of these options will help bulk up your supply of beach towels for summer so that nobody has to share or go without.

We've got the whole summer ahead of us and that means lots of pool parties, days at the beach, boat races, camping excursions, or just a lazy day of catching some rays out on the back deck. Now is the time to select a totally Texas towel to replace the one you may have been using year after year.

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Scroll through these 15 Texas selections and see if there is one you love as much as we did. Better yet, snap a photo of your Lone Star beach towel and send it to us on the app so we can add it to our gallery below. Happy browsing. We'll see you at the beach or by the pool!

Celebrate Summer with these Totally Texas Beach Towels

A Texas summer means time at the beach! Show off your Lone Star pride with these Texas towels that will have you looking your best on the beach or by the pool.

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