Five days ago, I denounced the banal evils of the recent trend of running trailers in promotion of trailers when covering the latest buzz for the upcoming Justice League movie. It would appear that the marketing executives at 20th Century Fox have not been reading my daily news writing (I know, I’m as shocked as you are), because they’ve returned today with an 18-second amuse-bouche for tomorrow’s brand new trailer for War for the Planet of the Apes. Give it a look above, it’ll only take a moment. Or, to be precise, 18 moments. And eight of those moments are just the logo!

Now that your bouche is fully amused, we may safely sift through the barrage of images in the brief clip. We get plenty of primo apes-doing-human-things action, from apes stringing arrows on bows to apes manning a machine gun. We get a brief glimpse of the vision of simian annihilation that war hawk despot Woody Harrelson has in store for his monkey foes, including what appears to be some kind of primate concentration camp. Andy Serkis’ proud chimp Caesar is in the mix as well, leading his fellow apes off of their knuckles and onto their feet, so that they may take up arms against the human menace.

At this point, we all pretty much know the drill. There’s a war going on, some gorillas will most likely crush some puny human skulls, the wise orangutan will say some wise stuff, everyone goes home happy. The only reason to see a trailer for a film such as this is to marvel at the technical spectacle, which is tough when your trailer is only ten seconds. Studios, you do not have to keep doing this. It’s safe to release a trailer without advance warning. We’ll still hear about it.

War for the Planet of the Apes hits theaters July 14.

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