This weekend, you can look up to the night sky and be able to see five planets and the moon without a telescope. You may have to set your alarm to catch it. If you don't catch it, you will have to wait two years for the next time.  According to Jeffrey Hunt, who is an astronomy educator, and, you will be able to see with your naked eye five of the planets in our solar system and the moon this Sunday.

It will be a beautiful display. You just have to set your alarm and wake up early to catch it. The time to get the best view will be Sunday, July 19th about forty-five minutes before the sunrise. You will be able to see the crescent moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn without having to use a telescope.

Jeffrey Hunt says that they will look like very bright stars. Venus will appear in the east-northeast and low in the sky. Mars will be alone in the southeast of the sky, and Jupiter and Saturn will appear in the southwest. They will be seen as extremely bright stars to the naked eye.

To be more specific, Jeffrey Hunt says that the crescent moon will be pretty low in the sky and not very bright. Mercury will be to the right of the moon and Mars will appear halfway up the sky. Look for Jupiter just above the horizon. Saturn will appear to the upper left of Jupiter.

You can find help locating the planets with Google Sky, Night Sky, and Star Wal apps. This way if you are too groggy to remember where the planets are in the sky, these can help guide you.

If you miss it early Sunday morning, you can catch just the planets until July 25th around three to five minutes earlier each day. The next time you will be able to see this amazing spectacle will be late June of 2022.

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