Polar Express was such a fun movie when it came out back in 2004. That is probably because both my nephews were at the perfect age to really enjoy the film. That train has a funny way of staying with ya over the years as the story gets passed on down from Christmas to Christmas.

There is a Texas school teacher that feels the same way over in Silsbee, Texas. Driver Beverly Ketchum transformed her student's school bus into a Polar Express on wheels. When students board Beverly's bus, they step into a world of twinkling lights with Santa and Rudolph. During this challenging year of 2020, these special instances of going the extra mile for our kids mean so much.

In fact, Silsbee ISD is making sure students in the district have a chance to ride the 'Polar Express' either on their way to school or on their way back home at the end of the day.

As you can see, Beverly plays the role of the conductor on the Silsbee ISD 'Polar Express' while dressed as the long-breaded twin brothers from the film. Students are treated to a reading of Polar Express as the bus sits in the Laura Reeves Primary bus pick up area on school days. Ketchum is able to read to the students over a stereo system on the bus according to KENS5.com. After the reading, the students take off for a lap around the pickup loop in true 'Polar Express' fashion.

A big Merry Christmas to all our educators doing everything they can to make the holidays brighter for our kids. We are grateful to so many great Texans just like Beverly Ketchum for all they do.

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