I've heard of some weird pranks or even revenge tactics but this one takes the cake. It seems that someone in the town of Flatonia either doesn't much care for the U.S. Postal Service, someone that works at the office, or just likes peeing in plublic places, because that's what's been happening at the local Post office.

Flatonia Police are looking for the culprit who initially began using the office as a urinal about eight months ago. Officials installed security cameras and the incident stopped for several months but, the incidents happened again in December. According to a published report, postal employees found a puddle of urine was found in a secluded corner near the post office boxes. In one incident the culprit sprayed a circle of urine around the lobby.

An investigator with the Flatonia Police Department was quoted as saying “We’ve got a serial pee-er."

Makes me glad I don't have a Post Office box in Flatonia.


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