If you've always wanted to take your frustrations out by firing one of those huge guns on a tank.....well....you're in luck. They'll even let you drive it too!

DriveTanks.com has set up shop on an 18,000 acre ranch in Uvalde, TX (about 2 hours west of San Antonio) and allows you all the thrills of driving and firing real working tanks without having to enlist in the military.

Todd DiGidio is a retired Houston Police Officer and former Green Beret with an absolute arsenal at his (and potentially your) fingertips.

His collection has tanks from various countries, including the United States, Germany and Russia, as well as “big guns,” such as anti-tank guns, a Howitzer and a few mortars, and machine guns all from different wartime periods, including World War II and the Korean War.

Perhaps his most prized tank is a 1944 Sherman Tank that fires actual 14.5 pound projectiles at over 2500 feet per second. DiGidio walks participants through how to drive the tanks (they're stick shift) and walks them through the course...then....BOOM

DirveTanks.com offers different packages, none of which are cheap. Shooting the Flamethrower is $300, but driving a tank over a car runs about $1,000. Firing the Sherman tank costs about $3,000.

So if you want to destroy something...save your pennies. DiGidio says they have had groups come in and spend the day firing and driving everything they had...the price tag on such an adventure? About $30,000.

For more information visit DriveTanks.com

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