Rain Brings What??

With rain comes...alligators? Texas weather is quite a strange phenomenon; we all know this by now. Hurricane season is here, so raindrops are a regular thing, no big deal, nothing to bat an eyelash at.

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What might cause a few double takes is heading out to your car and seeing an alligator climbing up from a trench and uncomfortably close to very public areas. Local Facebook user Angie was coming out of our local IHOP when something caught her eye. Climbing up and out of the water near the Target sign was an alligator. Out in the daylight, the gator can be seen in the video making its way out from the water and pondering its next destination.

Angie Alcantar via Facebook

Baby Alligators EVERYWHERE

What's with all these alligators coming out of the woodworks and joining us out here on dry land out in the open. We had a special little visitor at the studio not too long ago after a bit of storm hit Victoria.


Okay maybe it was just a baby, but now, we have gators chillin' next to IHOP; what's next? Am I going to see an alligator pop up while getting my frappucino at The Box? Yikes! Unlikely, but that'd be a sight to see!

IHOP Alligator

The video of the IHOP alligator is gaining some traction online and has been shared multiple times. Crossroad residents are a little freaked out, but there is little we can do.

According to one user in the comments, they said you have to leave it alone "Nothing we can do the game. Warden tells us to call him when they touch the parking lot."

BIG BET- I got him on speed dial

Dos and Dont's with Alligators

To many of us, they are scary; some may think they are cool, either way, alligators are an integral part of the Texas ecosystem, and we need to treat them with respect. The Texas Parks and Wildlife has a bunch of Dos and Don'ts when dealing with alligators.

One of the most important things to remember is: "Don’t remove an alligator from its natural habitat. In particular, never go near baby alligators or pick them up. They may seem cute and harmless, but mama alligator is nearby and will protect her clutch."

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