It’s not uncommon for bands to pull out covers in their sets, but it is rather interesting when a group toys with the arrangement a little. That’s what Sum 41 did while performing a distinctly different version of the Queen classic ‘We Will Rock You’ in the Netherlands Sunday night (July 8).

The track started with the high energy that Sum 41 typically bring to their songs, but it didn’t really click with audience members what the band was doing until singer Deryck Whibley sang the opening lines of the track. What the audience got was a punked-out, revved-up version of the Queen classic with the same amount of snarl that the original provided.

The band allow for the traditional punk breakdown with a spotlight on guitarist Tom Thacker, but once again it was more in the style of their own sound rather than trying to replicate Brian May‘s master licks.

Sum 41 are happily back playing live after Whibley’s chronic back troubles kept them off tour for a majority of the last year-and-a-half. They’re finally getting a chance to promote the ‘Screaming Bloody Murder’ disc and have shows booked into early August in Europe.

Watch Sum 41′s Live Version of Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’

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