This next Best of YouTube clip is straight from the brain of Rob Scallon, the current internet King of performing metal classics on non-metal instruments. In this captivating clip, Scallon attacks System of a Down's 'Aerials' on the cello.

Scallon has recently delivered two viral videos of the musician covering Slayer songs. First, he blew our minds with his version of 'War Ensemble' on ukulele (insane solos included) before giving us his biggest hit to date, where he goes full country bumpkin while laying into 'Raining Blood' on banjo.

System of a Down's 'Aerials' is the final cut on their landmark 2001 album, 'Toxicity.' The track is already a beautiful piece, beginning with a short cello part in the first place. Scallon extends the few measures to cover the entire song, using both a bow and pick to create different sounds. The cello cover is multi-layered with up to three cello parts layered over each other, while drummer Tom Grosset takes on the role of SOAD's John Dolmayan.

Check out this very sophisticated and very metal cover of 'Aerials' above!

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