Starting on Monday, March 14th, we will give our evenings a little spice on KLUB Tejano 106.9!   Tejano Nation Night's premiers at 7 PM on Monday, March 14th exclusively on KLUB Tejano 106.9. The show will feature Romeo! He will have the hottest and latest Tejano hits with interviews with your seasoned Tejano veterans and the up-and-coming stars in Tejano. He will also keep you up to date with trending Tejano news thanks to our friends at Tejano Nation.

This is just one of many more announcements coming on the all-new KLUB Tejano 106.9! Stay tuned and thank you so much for the massive response to our new station. It has been unreal!  We are YOUR TEJANO STATION!

Don't forget about our exclusive VIP lounge presented by Mac Haik. So far, Los Chamacos, Tejano Highway 281, and tomorrow we will feature up and coming Jorge Moreno. Remember! These events are absolutely free to our listeners. All you have to do is listen to win!  You can also register online for tickets as well!  Register to win. Be listening next week for our next show announcement.

Tune in on Friday nights from 7-8 for the Conjunto Power Hour. This show has been on fire since it has launched! Be sure you download our App today and become a part of the KLUB!

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