Last year, the Victoria Livestock Show brought live Tejano music to the 2023 Beer Garden and it was a huge success with the Art Tigerina Band!  This year they are doing it again! Friday, February 23rd Mike Gonzalez and the Iconiczz will perform on the Beer Garden stage in the Community Center Annex. Stephanie Ross and the Southern Drive will open the show that evening.  So it is a little bit of Country and Tejano on that Friday night!

Mike Gonzalez Facebook
Mike Gonzalez Facebook

Mike Gonzalez and the Iconiczz is the brainchild of the late great, Jimmy Gonzalez's son, Mike Gonzalez. The band has that true Jimmy Gonzalez Y Grupo Mazz sound. The band is incredible.  They recently performed at Dodge City in Victoria and electrified the crowd!

Jimmy Gonzalez Played His Final Ever Show in Victoria
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