One of our listeners is going to win up to $10,000.00 !!!!!

Just thinking about YOU winning ten thousand dollars makes us smile. If you've got the station app and you're listening for codes, you are well on your way to qualifying!

Announcing winners is one of the BEST THINGS about being a DJ. Truly, whether it's winning a t-shirt, a concert ticket, or ten grand... it's always awesome to hear your joy on the other line!

Ten grand can pay a lot of bills, buy a lot of groceries, and it can accrue a lot of interest if you keep it in the bank. That being said, it's also fun to dream big, get crazy and seriously splurge, even if it's just in your imagination!

It's with splurging in mind that we present to you TEN extravagant things that cost $10,000.00 apiece. A one-hit wonder if you will! You know, just in case you want to go against everything your momma taught you and spend it all in one place!

10 Things You Can Buy with $10,000

So which one of these things will you be buying? We can't wait to hear what you chose WHEN YOU WIN!

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Here is a look at the richest person in every state. Hmmm...Wonder if they've ever bought any of the things in our gallery?

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