JJ's face in the video below kinda says it all. The 1-6 Houston Texans don't seem to have any answers that can help to turn the 2020 season around quickly enough.


According to ESPN, Deshaun Watson has never had to play through a long term losing streak at any level of play during his career. Welcome to 2020, bud! Now the Texans did end up with a 4-12 season back in 2017, but Deshaun tore his ACL that year and wasn't a part of the meltdown on the field.

Yesterday's loss to the Green Bay Packers was another game the Texans probably could have and should have won. Allowing Aaron Rodgers to throw the ball all over the field at will was the kiss of death for a team one almost felt HAD to win this game heading into their BYE week. Now the Texans get to spend 10 days with the worst taste imaginable in their mouths until they can get back into action against the Jacksonville Jags on November 8th.

The Texans have not won a victory since the departure of head coach Bill O'Brien. JJ remembers the 2-14 season from 2013 that got Gary Kubiak bounced from his position as head coach. His tone was short and to the point in the post-game interviews on Sunday.  Watt said, "I'm angry. I mean, it sucks. I don't know what else I'm supposed to feel."

The team just has not found a way to stop the bleeding that began losing to Kansas City at the end of last season, then trading DeAndre Hopkins, and now the firing of O'Brien. Texans fans know all too well there are no draft picks coming any time soon to help.

It's hard to lay much blame if any at Deshaun's door. The guy has tossed for over 1000 yards, nine touchdowns, and no picks. The Texans have also not found a way to run the ball with any effectiveness. They are worst in the NFL against the run allowing 177 yards per game. That will make you 1-6 right there.

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