Bar owners rejoice, Friday is the day you have been waiting for.

Several weeks have gone by and bar owners have been left in the dark for when they can reopen. Earlier this afternoon, Governor Abbott announced his Phase 2 plan for reopening the state of Texas. This includes bars, breweries and wineries being allowed to reopen. As with anything reopening, new guidelines must be in place.

Bars will be allowed to reopen at 25 percent capacity under very strict guidelines, he said. Restaurants, which had already been allowed to reopen at 25 percent capacity will be allowed to increase to 50 percent capacity starting Friday. If you're curios what those strict guidelines are you can see the full list of the minimum standard health protocols

Things like customers should not be permitted to loiter at the bar or in commonly trafficked areas, and should remain seated at tables inside the bar. Only provide service to seated individuals.Parties should maintain at least 6 feet of distance from other parties at all times, including while waiting to be seated in the establishment or for admission to the establishment.

Other things in Texas that can reopen on Friday are:

  • Aquariums
  • Bowling alleys
  • Bingo halls
  • Natural caverns
  • Rodeos/Equestrian events
  • Skating rinks
  • Zoos

Abbott said childcare services, such as day cares and businesses and programs such as the YMCA and Boys and Girls clubs can reopen immediately.Summer camps, including vacation bible schools, will be allowed to open May 31. He said little leagues can start practicing May 31, as well.

We will see how Phase 2 reopening goes and we will see when more things start to reopen in our state in a couple of weeks.

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