Daytona Beach is about to get the biggest gas station the state of Florida has ever seen. Texas icon Buc-ee's is headed east and setting up shop with it's first out of state location and to quote Donald Trump "It's gonna be YUGE!"

Buc-ee's has agreed to purchase a 35-acre site on the north side of LPGA Boulevard, just east of Interstate 95, with plans to open as soon as next year.

At 50,000 square feet, the mega-sized Buc-ee’s convenience store would be the biggest gas station in the state even beating out truck stops and some local grocery stores. It plans on having 120 gas pumps and enough Texas sized goodness to feed a large army.

Buc-ee’s pays higher wages than the industry average, with hourly workers typically earning $12 to $14 an hour. Employees are also entitled to receive benefits and immediately accrue vacation time. The new store looks to employ around 200 people.

Anyone who loves Buc-ee's as much as we all do will be excited to see such a Texas landmark store branching out to other states. We already have the best fast food burger (Whataburger) and now, the best gas stations in the country.

The new store will most likely break ground later this year and construction usually takes 9 months to a year so it'll still be a little while before Floridians will be able to enjoy all the goodness Texas has to offer.

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