Alligator spottings are no new phenomenon in Texas, but with mating season in full swing, their appearances seem to be more common. What may not be common is spotting an 11-foot 7-inch alligator right here in Texas!

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That's right a massive alligator was caught in La Porte, Texas. I don't know about you but I'm running for the hills if I spotted a colossal-sized alligator.

The alligator was caught by long-time professional gator wrangler Tim DeRamus. The alligator did not give in easily, DaRamus wrestled with the alligator for 30 minutes straight. 

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“He’s just so tired right now. Me and him had a 30-minute wrestle. But I think I won. I beat him one-handed."

The nearly 12-foot alligator was spotted in a shallow ditch near a spot where small children typically occupy. “He was down in the bayou where the kids catch turtles and crawfish,” DeRamus said. “It didn’t feel safe for the kids to be down there. And so, they had us pick him up. And he’s going to go to Gator Country and live out the rest of his life.”

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A video captured the massive alligator flailing and whipping its tail as it was loaded onto a flatbed trailer to be transported to a more appropriate place. 

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Keep an eye out as the mating season continues, DeRamus admitted, “This actually makes number 30 for the month.” Although DeRamus says “The biggest misconception of alligators is they are attack animals and they are not attack animals. They’re more afraid of people than people are of them," I'm still running for the hills.

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