15-year-old Venus Rodriguez girl ran away with her boyfriend Arturo Flores last September. Fast forward to Jan 16, 2023, Rodriguez was found underneath a blanket near a creek, her limp body full of bullet holes just 350 feet away from her boyfriend's home. 


Police began investigating the Texas girl's murder. Family members confirmed the bloody blanket found at the scene was the same one that Rodriguez and Flores used for their dog, and that's when police turned to Flores for questions.

According to Rodriguez's family members, Arturo Flores "frequently shoots guns." As Flores was being interviewed police caught a man leaving Flores's home. The man was pulled over by Dallas police and was identified as a family member of Flores. The man informed the police he had 2 guns in his car, which police located. The man's vehicle was towed for additional crime scene processing to identify if one of the guns was the murder weapon. 


 Suspicion began to stack on Flores as more details began to unveil. According to an affidavit, Flores "showed no emotion and seemed indifferent" about his girlfriend's murder." Just a few weeks before her body was found, witnesses in the neighborhood told police," Flores had chased Rodriguez down the street during a fight and had physically assaulted her weeks before her murder."


Police obtained a search warrant for Flores' home and found some troubling evidence. Police noticed a brand new air mattress inside Flores' room. What was particularly wary is witnesses told police, a family member was seen hauling off a mattress from Flores's home on January 12.

Police began inspecting the area near the new air mattress and found something incriminating. Crime scene technicians began looking for evidence of blood. Upon investigation, reports confirm blood had been found in the carpet under the air mattress. 

With all the evidence piled up, police arrested the victim's boyfriend, Arturo Flores, and charged him with murder.

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