"Howdy, Officer. Was I speeding or something?"

"License and registration, please"

"Yes Sir, let me grab my phone. Oh, the battery died cause my charger broke."

"Step out of the vehicle, please".

Ahh, the digital tomorrow is here, and in Texas, state leaders are in Austin today considering a bill that calls for a pilot program and the introduction of a digital driver's license. Round two.

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The video above from KVUE is a hot topic this week in South Texas as Democrats seek to introduce HB 273. You can read the complete bill here.

State Rep. Terry Canales is bringing back this idea which failed in the Texas house the last time he brought it up back in 2019. Canales says, "The reality is we are behind, and Texas should be leading the way. We've got Austin, Texas, as one of the tech capitals of the world. And the reality is we should at least have had a pilot going.”

Canales was also involved with the effort to get hunting and fishing licenses converted to digital versions in the last session, and if that has worked out for you then you may also want to see an app that will securely store and display your driver's license as well. Of course, security is a concern for Texans. We can no longer go 30 days in this country without hearing of a massive data breach from one company or another. Can you imagine what a prize it would be for some d-bag hackers to make their way into the new digital driver's license database and make off with whatever they can? Jackpot.

States like Louisianna have already started down the digital driver's license road back in 2018. They now have an app for digital identity known as LA Wallet. You can read more about that here.

A couple of notes on the program indicate that if this bill is approved, tech and phone providers need to ensure the technology works regardless of who your phone service provider is, and regardless of wireless connectivity. So when you get pulled over out in the boonies and have no signal the app still needs to work and show your driver's license.

Would you like to see Texas convert to a digital driver's license? Let us know in the comments below. (FB comments or hit us up with the chat feature on the app)

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