Texas temperatures are busting through the thermometers, regularly reaching triple-digit numbers. Heat advisories and burn bans are regularly issued to help decrease the chances of fires.


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One Texas woman nearly lost her home after a too-close-for-comfort fire ignited on her lawn while she was away. In a video posted to TikTok by Sarah Sikorski, a fire slowly starts forming on a tiny spot on her front lawn.

At first glance, it seems like the fire spontaneously began to ignite. A tiny grass fire popped up on the side of her home. The video shows the fire slowly spreading as the driver continued to pass by. 


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The fire gets uncomfortably close to her home, and Sikorski admits it was only about a foot or less away from her home before one of her neighbors notices it.

The neighbor leaps into action and is seen on the video extinguishing the fire with a water hose. People began to question the cause of the fire after noticing sparks nearby at the beginning of the video.


Sikorski has since explained the possible cause of the fire. In a separate video, Sikorski says fireworks were thrown by two children across the street. The fireworks then possibly sparked, and with the combination of high temperature and dry grass, a fire was ignited.

Sikorski is incredibly lucky that the good Samaritans noticed the flames and took quick action to help out while she was gone. The fire could have easily spread to her home in just a few more minutes. 

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