Jim Parkin, ThinkStock

Jim Parkin, ThinkStock

Imagine celebrating an occasion like New Year's Eve where you're having a good time when suddenly, out of nowhere, you're struck by a stray bullet. Keep in mind that the bullet wasn't fired intended to hurt anyone but, was fired into the air in celebration.

That's exactly what happened over New Years when State Rep. Armando Martinez of Weslaco was hit in the head by a bullet that was fired into the air. Martinez was taken to a hospital emergency room then transferred to Valley Baptist Medical Center in Harlingen for surgery. The lawmaker has since been released and is doing well. As a result of the incident, Martinez says he will file legislation to prevent or reduce gunfire celebration at the upcoming legislative session that begins next week.

While shooting your gun into the air has been used in celebration before, the bullet has to come down somewhere, and is already illegal in the State of Texas.

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