Listen to your tattoo artists people!  They know what they're talking about!

A Dallas man died recently after swimming in the Gulf of Mexico shortly after getting a new tattoo on his leg.

While swimming, the bacteria vibrio vulnificus entered his body through the open skin. This particular bacteria has high levels in the Gulf of Mexico during the summer months. Three days after he went swimming, he was admitted to the Parkland Memorial Hospital for severe pain in his leg.

Infection had set in and blisters were starting to form at an alarming rate as well as the discoloring of his leg.  He died shortly after.

Just recently I noticed Galveston County officials release information regarding an elevated level of fecal bacteria in the Gulf as well so why anyone would go swimming with essentially an open wound in a septic body of water is beyond me.
Tattoo artists tell people not to go swimming in lakes, rivers, oceans, ponds or even pools for at least two weeks after getting fresh ink.  This gives the skin ample time to heal up and close.  This guy waited 5 days.
Remember folks....artists deal with this stuff daily...they know what they're talking about when it comes to aftercare of your tattoo.  Don't be like this guy.  Listen to your artist!

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